Episode 64

Published on:

8th Mar 2024

Episode 64 - Timothy Stuetz - Sparking Hope: Crafting Uplifting Stories for Young Minds

Episode 64 - Timothy Stuetz - Sparking Hope: Crafting Uplifting Stories for Young Minds

Timothy Stuetz

Timothy: The Magical Kids’ Books Creator has been blessed to write more Children’s stories than anyone, including the legendary Hans Christian Andersen, 166 to date.

These original, educational, entertaining and inspirational Fairy Tales Of The Heart stimulate imaginations in the greatest way possible, helping children bring forth their unique brilliance.

His Youth Yoda Instructor Certification Program, unique in all the world, trains and certifies teens to teach multiple forms of Quantum Energy Healing, Meditation, Yoga, Qigong and T’ai Chi by their 18th birthday. He founded a similar program for adults as well.

He’s a Certified Self Esteem Coach for Children and Children's Educator that has developed programs for the State of California, several California Counties, and private foundations; an Ordained Minister; and a Retired Certified Public Accountant.

For the past 42 years he’s been using Fairy Tales, Ancient Arts, Sacred Sciences and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN to empower people of all ages to develop and use their infinite soul powers to achieve their full potentials.

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3 Magic Wands For More Creative, Happier & Empowered Children Training and other freebies including guided meditations, fairy tales, songs, qigong exercises, course introductions and more at https://www.timothystuetz.com/freebies. Something for every member of the family regardless of age.

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